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J’ai pratiqué le dessin et la sculpture avant de me passionner pour la photographie numérique.
Je suis très sensible à la nature en général, et à celle du Centre Bretagne en particulier. J’adore les chats !!!

I practiced drawing and sculpture before I became passionate for digital photography.
I am very inspired by nature, in general, and especially that of Central Brittany. I love cats !!!

Mon blog photo :



Des auteurs que j’aime particulièrement :

« Aimer, c’est se surpasser. »

Oscar Wilde

« Rien n’est admissible ; sauf la vie, à condition de la réinventer chaque jour. »

Blaise Cendrars

« Voir le monde comme je suis, non comme il est. »

Paul Eluard

« Il n’y a pas de lumière sans ombre. »

Louis Aragon

34 réflexions sur “À propos

      • of course et évidemment, chère Julie… si jamais tu « descends » par ici, n’hésite pas de me contacter, stp… je ne me « cache » pas dans le virtuel, je suis identique dans la réalité réelle(sic!), I’m serious… last but not least: ma meilleure amie ici et la plus ancienne(LOL!) s’appelle Edith et elle est de… Nantes! I’m serious. Merci à toi, tambien! 🙂

  1. I think I have never looked at your about page before tho I am following your blog regularly. As you know, I am not taking a lot of nature photographs myself but I really likes yours! And the fact that you are inspired by nature. It shows. Here’s to cats from Central Brittany and all over! One of mine (originally from NY but currently a long-term visitor of Kenya) is sitting in front of me, half on the keyboard of my laptop, graciously accepting my presence.

    • Your photos of people in an urban area are what I’m not able to try and do, because I’m lost in the countryside… I love nature and couldn’t live in town, but sometimes I miss observing people like you do, and I have to say you’re exceptionally talented for that matter (at least) !
      As for cats, I’m glad to know that you love them too… What would be life without cats ? 🙂

  2. Thanks, I am not sure I am that talented but I enjoy doing it. Btw, I grew up in the countryside as well, althouth definitely in a much less beautiful area than yours. To be honest, I also felt too observed there (canaries do not like to be observed, they observe) which is why I prefer more urban environments. This does not mean that I don’t constantly dream of a nice house with many pets and animals in the countryside;) I do, actually. Plus: life without cats sucks and is therefore not an option! Oh…foxes are pretty cool as well. They even purr!! Check this out: http://grist.org/list/watch-this-elderly-british-guy-blow-dry-his-pet-fox/

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