The Needle And The Damage Done

Neil Young – The needle and the damage done

I caught you knockin’
at my cellar door
I love you, baby,
can I have some more
Ooh, ooh, the damage done.

I hit the city and
I lost my band
I watched the needle
take another man
Gone, gone, the damage done.

I sing the song
because I love the man
I know that some
of you don’t understand
to keep from running out.

I’ve seen the needle
and the damage done
A little part of it in everyone
But every junkie’s
like a settin’ sun.


40 réflexions sur “The Needle And The Damage Done

  1. Salut Julie,

    How do you feel, my friend!

    What an coincidence, today I was checking Neil Young songs about a quote for our sunday special (something about places which makes you feel home or where you belong… …maybe you can help me !?!?!).

    I do like Young very much. He was one who inspired me learning guitar when I was 16.

    C U

  2. …oohhh.. couldn’t find any good quotes about ‘home’.

    So I wrote quick an own song about that topic..

    it’s some simple Am / C / G stuff.. …but it’s gooooood.

    The song calls…

     » My place is a really cool and hip place »

    I like here the summer with it’s flower
    this place give me a lot of power.
    Even snow in winter, when it’s cool
    just wear my jumper made of sheep whool.
    I want to stay here everlong
    will bake some cookies and sing this song.

    text/music: Markus

    ..and you like it? 😀 😀 😀

    • Wonderful !!! 😆
      It’s a good thing I didn’t see your previous comment earlier ! This way you challenged your creativity !
      Now you have to find a way to make me HEAR that ! 😉

      • ..oh, Julie, to make you HEAR this song, that’s the easy part.

        Just take four glass bottles of PERRIER 0,33l

        – fill the first on with water up to the word ‘rafraîchissant’ on the tag
        – fill the second one up to.. ‘minéraux’
        – the next to ‘bien sûr ‘
        – and the last to… ‘pas jeter ce putain de bouteille seulement dans la forêt’

        Take a fork for hit the bottles to create the tone.

        Voice: do any animals life in your woods which have a low voice? Good. Catch on. Stroke his belly that it hums in that melody. Ready !!! …maybe later you can discuss with it my sophisticated lyrics. 😉 😀

      • ..I think, this « barksing » is to much forward for us human beings yet. It’s maybe like singing Rock songs in the 40s or Rap songs in the 60s. We have to open our hearts for him and learn..

        Maybe in 40 years people (nostalgic barksing fans) will say: « Do you remember the Great Gatsby*.. all started with him !!! »

        Can you show me that photo of him?

        * ppff, why is this name so familiar for me?

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